We have a plan to protect and grow Minnesota farm, food and ag-related jobs,

but we need your help.

Minnesota farmers and food producers play an essential role in the state’s economy and are largely responsible for the quality food consumed on a daily basis. In fact, we’re talking about a multi-billion-dollar industry that employs nearly 400,000 Minnesotans, most of whom do not work the land itself.

You may not realize it, but odds are that you or someone you know has direct ties to Minnesota’s farm and food sector. Farmers, while vital to the process, are only one piece of the food production puzzle. Companies such as Land O’Lakes, Cargill, General Mills and CHS – which employ thousands of Minnesotans in the metro area – also play an equally important role in how good food ends up on your table.





Fact: There are more than 2,350 food companies in Minnesota. Three are among Minnesota’s top five Fortune 500 companies.

University of Minnesota report

NO. 1


Fact: Minnesota is the nation’s No. 1 producer of turkey and No. 2 producer of pork.

United States Department of Agriculture



Fact: Minnesota farm and food producers account for nearly 400,000 jobs, according to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture