Grow MN Food Plan Generating Candidate, Voter Engagement on Key Ag/Food Issues

By October 6, 2016News

August 29, 2016
Contact: Brad Robideau

St. Paul, MN – Already, seventy-seven Minnesota State House and Senate candidates have responded to the GROW MN FOOD Plan, and the numbers are growing each day. The Plan is a forward-looking set of policies to help grow and protect the farm, food and agribusiness sector, the state’s second largest industry which supports nearly 400,000 jobs in both the Twin Cities and throughout Greater Minnesota. Of those candidates who have responded, 52 have indicated their support for all the GROW MN FOOD Plan policies if they are elected to office.

The GROW MN FOOD Plan, found at, is sponsored by A Greater Minnesota, a coalition of food, farming and agriculture-related interests working together to elevate voter and legislative candidate awareness and broader support for key issues important to the farm and food sector that help Minnesota gain a competitive advantage in the global food economy.

The GROW MN FOOD Plan requests that legislative candidates commit to policies that support all good farms (large or small, rural or urban, conventional or organic); more research for better food and improved farm practices; smarter regulation to make Minnesota more competitive with other states; economic, workforce and transportation policies to help rural Minnesota grow; and strategies to address issues of water quality.

Survey responses (or nonresponses) from all 134 House districts and 67 Senate districts can be found at, where Minnesota voters can see how legislative candidates in their district have responded to the GROW MN FOOD Plan.  The website also provides easy tools that people can use to contact their candidates and express their views on the GROW MN FOOD Plan.

“We are encouraged by the large number of legislative candidates who have already responded to the GROW MN FOOD Plan and expect more to respond in the coming days leading up to the November 8 elections,” said David Preisler, executive director of the Minnesota Pork Producers Association and chairman of A Greater Minnesota. “We are especially pleased to see a large number of candidates backing all the GROW MN FOOD Plan priorities. We encourage voters to visit to find out whether their candidates support the GROW MN FOOD Plan and are prepared to stand with Minnesota’s vital farm and food sector.”

Voter information and awareness efforts will start soon, including social media outreach, targeted advertising and making GROW MN FOOD Plan materials available to food production groups, allied businesses and associations and other farm and food-related entities.


The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council, the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers, the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association, the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, and various other Minnesota farm and food entities support the AGM coalition.