We can’t do it without you. We need YOUR support to protect and grow good Minnesota farms, food and jobs. Only you can stress the importance of good food, farms and jobs to your friends, family and elected officials or candidates running for office. Here’s how:

Add your voice: Find out how your legislative candidates responded to the Grow MN Food Plan: look up your candidates and send them a message.

Register to vote: Once you see where your candidate stands on farm and food issues, be sure to vote. You can register to vote, find out election dates, find your polling location, monitor candidate filings and find other answers to commonly asked questions at the Secretary of State website.

  • Absentee voting: If you’re going to vote absentee, you can request a ballot here. Just a reminder – ANYONE can vote absentee for any reason. You can also vote early by absentee ballot between Friday, September 23 and Election Day, Tuesday, November 8. It is recommended you apply for your absentee ballot before Friday, October 7.  
  • If you prefer, you can vote early in person between Friday, September 23 and Monday, November 7.

Spread the word! Talk to family, friends and coworkers and tell them about the Grow MN Food Plan. Let them know why farming and our state’s food industry are vital to our future. Share our website, call your friends, send an email to your in-laws and send a note to your elected officials. Post on Facebook. Tweet about us! Heck, send a fax to someone if you think it will help.

Social Media: Stay in the know by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Sign up for updates: Stay up to date on our quest for A Greater Minnesota by signing up to get our emails. We’ll email you updates, campaign information, useful voting information, helpful resources and more.