An additional priority to helping rural Minnesota grow is to ensure Minnesota’s regulatory climate does not put Minnesota’s agriculture and food sector at a competitive disadvantage relative to competing states.


Minnesota’s farm, food and agriculture sector shares the goals of all Minnesotans to protect our water and soil resources, and supports effective regulations to protect these resources. However, Minnesota needs to be smarter in how we regulate farm and food practices in order to meet desired goals. Currently, unlike other states, Minnesota has a regulatory system replete with duplicative permitting authorities and regulations that are costly and result in unnecessary delays, ultimately making our farmers and agriculture/food companies less competitive compared to other states.

Our request:

We ask that the Legislature create a joint Committee or Commission with a mandate to examine current regulations affecting farmers and agriculture/food businesses – make specific recommendations to reduce the burdens and make Minnesota more competitive with other states.

We urge support for a more incentives-based approach to environmental conservation (programs and tax/other incentives) rather than relying on a “top-down” regulatory model.