Farms. Food. Future.

Vote to elevate Minnesota as a leading food and agriculture state. Click on any of the points below to learn more.

The Vision

Minnesota’s farming, food and agriculture sector strongly urges candidates running for office November 6 to support and champion an exciting vision to elevate Minnesota to one of the nation’s leading states in the food, farming and agriculture sector. While we’re near the top, we still have room to grow.

We ask for support through strategic investments and policy proposals that support the competitiveness and growth of our state’s second-largest economic sector.

Our Plan

Make MN a Leader in Farm/Food Research, Innovation

No one has all the answers for how to help sustain agricultural productivity, best protect our natural resources and develop even better food. We need more research and innovation to help find better solutions. We need a public-private research initiative that elevates Minnesota as a leader in research and innovation.

Support Clean Water

The farming, food and agriculture industries share the goals of all Minnesotans to protect our state’s natural resources, including water quality. We need to help ensure Minnesota farmers have the resources to continue these practices.

Move MN to Outcomes-Based Regulatory System

It’s time to move to a new model of regulation – one that is smarter, less burdensome and less costly while retaining transparency. This new model should be focused on outcomes rather than process. Outcomes-Based Regulation will start with protecting the environment while also accelerating opportunities for responsible business and farm expansions, quality jobs and other desired economic benefits.

Adopt Tax Policy That Stimulates Growth/Jobs

Minnesota needs a more competitive tax policy that supports the growth of current farms and food/agriculture companies, while concurrently stimulating the development of exciting start-up food companies and farming.