We have a Vision to make Minnesota one of the nation's leading food and agriculture states.

You may not know it, but farming and food production is the backbone to the economy of both greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

Minnesota farmers and ag and food companies play an essential role in the state’s economy and are largely responsible for the quality food we all consume every day. In fact, we’re talking about a multibillion-dollar industry in our state that employs nearly 400,000 Minnesotans.

You may not realize it, but odds are that you or someone you know has direct ties to Minnesota’s farm and food sector. Farmers, while vital to the process, are only one piece of the food production puzzle. Companies such as Land O’Lakes, Cargill, General Mills and CHS – which employ tens of thousands of Minnesotans in the metro area – also play an equally important role in how good food ends up on your table.

Your Candidates
Do you want to know where Minnesota legislative and gubernatorial candidates stand when it comes to Minnesota’s food and agriculture issues? See how candidates responded to our vision and plan to elevate Minnesota farms and food.
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