We have a Vision to make Minnesota one of the nation's leading food and agriculture states.
A Greater Minnesota (AGM) is a coalition of organizations dedicated to good farms, food and jobs in the state. The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council, the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota, the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the Minnesota State Cattleman’s Association, the Minnesota Wheat Growers and various other Minnesota farm and food entities support the AGM coalition.
What Do We Do?
Our primary goal is to keep Minnesota competitive in the global food and farm economy. To do that, each election cycle, we ask candidates running for political office in Minnesota where they stand on supporting critical food- and agriculture-related issues that impact all Minnesotans. Then, we share that information with you – voters across the state – so you can make an informed decision about who represents Minnesota food and farms in office.
The voices of the voters and consumers are needed to help get the attention of candidates, many of whom will be leading or voting on legislation related to these issues if elected. We need your voice to encourage candidates to commit to the state’s farms, food and future. That means supporting Minnesota farms (large or small, rural or urban, modern, conventional or organic); new investments in research; policies to help rural Minnesota grow; smarter regulation; and addressing clean water issues.
What's Your Part?
Check out the rest of the site to learn more about Minnesota’s farm and food sector, its impact on our local economies and how to take action during this election season. Then, ask your legislative candidates to commit to elevating Minnesota farms and food, and VOTE on Nov. 6, 2018. Absentee ballot voting can be found here.