Who Are We?
A Greater Minnesota (AGM) is a coalition of like-minded organizations dedicated to the viability of good farms, agriculture and food companies and jobs in Minnesota. The effort was first launched with the primary goal to keep Minnesota competitive in the global food and farm economy.

The Minnesota AgriGrowth Council, the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota, the Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association, the Minnesota Wheat Growers, the Minnesota Farm Bureau and various other Minnesota farm and food entities support the AGM coalition.
What Do We Do?
A key initiative of AGM is to work to inform all candidates for the Minnesota Legislature about agriculture and food’s impact on the Minnesota economy and issues important to the industry. We hope you will take a moment to read more about Minnesota farm and food production. If you would like to learn more, we’re happy to schedule a visit with you either virtually or socially distanced in-person.
Currently, Minnesota family farmers, businesses that support farming operations and ag industry and food companies are all experiencing various degrees of economic stress due to:

• The COVID-19 pandemic
• Our current severe recession
• Global trade conflicts that have sharply reduced demand for MN exports of commodities and products
• Tax and regulatory policies that marginalize the competitiveness of Minnesota compared to other states

The participants in AGM are working closely with their members to ensure we understand the depth and consequences of this economic crisis, the relative influence of various causes and potential solutions that need to be advanced at the state and federal level. The various member organizations of AGM will be submitting high-priority policy proposals to the 2021 legislative session. We sincerely hope that legislators and other policymakers will thoughtfully consider these proposals as we all have a vested interest in doing what we can to help the Minnesota farm and food sector recover and continue to grow.