Minnesota is a major national player in livestock and farming
The state produces more than 20 major commodity and specialty crops. Some key Minnesota farm statistics:

• 68,822 farms in MN - 97% are family farms
• No. 5 - in total U.S. agricultural production
• No. 4 - in U.S. crop production
•  No. 8 - in U.S. livestock production
Minnesota produces a wide variety of crops that generate massive economic activity for the state. Major farm products produced by our farmers and Minnesota's national rankings include:
• No. 1 in turkeys and sugar beets
• No. 2 in hogs and sweet corn for processing and hogs
• No. 3 in soybeans and spring wheat
• No. 4 in corn and ethanol
• No. 5 in wheat, alfalfa and meat animals
• No. 6 in red meat and cheese
• No. 8 in dairy/milk, eggs and cattle on feed
Other farm products continue to grow in importance, especially those produced by smaller/specialty farmers, organic and alternative farm operations. Here’s a look at Minnesota’s rankings within these emerging categories.
• No. 3 in dry beans, oats and sunflowers and oats
• No. 4 in rye, canola, dry beans and rye
• No. 5 in vegetables, canola and barley
• No. 6 in red meat
• No. 7 in honey, potatoes and goats and
• No. 8 in cattle on feed.
• No. 12 in green peas and wild rice
Source: 2017 USDA Census of Agriculture, NASS